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Wainscoting & Chair Rail Installation

Chair rail molding is a nice touch that adds a sense of refinement and proportion to rooms, especially if you’re planning to add crown molding, too.

But many folks make the mistake of putting the chair rail at the wrong height — a mistake that can make a room feel lopsided and out of proportion.

Most experts place chair rails at one-third the distance of the ceiling height. For a standard 8-foot ceiling, they should be installed about 32 inches from the floor. Hull cautions that most people install chair rails too high on their walls.

A good baseline width for a wood or composite chair rail molding is 2-3 inches. Chair rail molding is available in other materials, such as metal, polymers, and vinyl.

Depending on the width, complexity of design, and type of material, expect to spend from a few dollars up to $100 for an 8-foot length.

And if you’re going through the trouble of installing chair rails, crown molding can complete off the look. Of course, you could opt for something entirely different.

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