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How do I paint ceilings without it dripping?

Painting ceilings without it dripping

A: When painting a ceiling, it’s essential to use the right technique to avoid paint dripping all over the floor. This technique involves applying just the right amount of paint with each stroke of the paint roller and using the right amount of pressure to make the paint stick to the ceiling.
The biggest mistake people make when painting a ceiling is trying to apply too much paint at once. Soaking your roller in paint increases the risk of dripping. Instead, use a shallow paint tray to apply just a small amount of paint to your roller for each stroke. Applying less paint to the roller means you won’t be able to cover as large an area with each stroke, but should give you a much less messy painting experience.
Don’t press too hard on the roller or move it too quickly across the ceiling, as these actions are likely to cause the paint to splatter. Instead, use slow, steady strokes to apply the paint to the ceiling. Apply the paint in straight lines, rather than allowing the roller to zig-zag around in a random pattern. This technique will allow you to achieve an even finish and minimize the amount of paint that drips onto the floor.
Finally, you must realize that no matter how careful you are, a few stray drips of paint may fall to the ground while you are painting the ceiling. Before you start painting, you must cover your floor and furniture with drop cloths to protect them from dripping paint. If possible, remove fixtures such as light fittings. It’s a good idea to paint the ceiling of a room before starting work on the walls, so that you can later paint over any paint splatters that fall on the walls while you are painting the ceiling.
To paint your ceiling successfully, you will not only need the paint in your chosen color, but also a paint roller, paint tray and cloths to protect your floor from dripping paint. Check out Paintzen’s DIY paint kits to get everything you need for your painting job in one place.

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